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BearMates' Birthday Bash

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It's a very special day in the land of BearBerry Briar - the BearMates are planning a big birthday surprise for Honey Black Bear, that is if she doesn't sniff it out first!

BearBerry Briar is home to all the BearMates.  Each one has a special place inside the briar that suits them best.  Pinkie Polar Bear prefers the icy waters and even icier ice floats of Iceberg Island, while Honey Black Bear like to chase beesa nd sniff out honey in Honeycomb Hollow.  BearMates habitats are protected inside BearBerry Briar because it's a land of love and friendship and only someone with a truly loving heart can find the secret entrance to it.

The BearMates are a group of cuddly, loveable friends from the land of BearBerry Briar who teach the joy of loving yourself and others with an open heart.  Each BearMate is different on the outside (some aren't even bears!), but full of so much love on the inside that their hearts show through their fur.  BearMates want to share their love with you and all your mates, young and old....

A Day with Mommy and Baby Koala

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“Baby koalas wake up every morning held in their mommys’ arms...”  

Spend a delightful day with mommy and baby koala as they experience all of the fun things that koalas do together. A great little book a that shows how every day is safe and fun when you do what comes naturally, especially when you do it with someone whos loves you!  

Praise for A Day with Mommy and Baby Koala

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

A Day with Mommy and Baby Koala by J.M. West is an adorable storybook for children that will take them to the world of koala bears. Baby koalas wake up in the arms of their mothers and they are always kept warm and safe. Mother koalas teach their babies to climb, to eat, to hang around, and groom each other at night. Baby koalas know that it's a lot of work when they grow up so they sleep a lot when they are young. Baby koalas are called 'joeys' and this book will make all readers love koala bears.

The book is cute and children learn about koala bears and their growing stages. The book is simple to understand and connects well with kids. It can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. It's a good bedtime storybook too for parents and grandparents to read out to their kids and grandkids. The illustrations are delightful and charming and breathe life into the scenes, giving the book good pace and movement. The book is also informative and educational and takes young readers into the interesting world of koala bears.

Koala bears are adorable creatures and books like this are good for children, introducing them to new things and also helping them to enhance their vocabulary. Kids will end up liking koala bears after reading this book and will want to learn more about them and their environment.

Miss Moo-Moo Sleeps Over at GrandMoo-Moo's

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